10 TIPS FOR YOU to optimize your pose fishing

10 TIPS FOR YOU to Optimize your Pose-Fishing

Optimize your Pose-Fishing

  • Attach the waggler using a carbine swivel or a special pose adapter. This allows you to change the float quickly without having to cut the line and replace all the lead.

  • Record-breaking casting distances are not possible at least with fine poses for peace fishing. We should think about this when we create a feeding place. It has happened to me several times: At the beginning of the fishing day, the feeding place was just ready to be thrown on, then the wind turned and increased. And already food and fish were out of my reach.

  • If we don’t want the wind to cause a cord arc and our pose to drift rapidly over the water, there’s only one solution – the cord must be under the water surface! To do this, throw a few meters over the place where the lure is to be offered, put the tip of the rod as deep as possible into the water and make a few quick turns of the crank. This way you pull the line underwater and the wind has no chance anymore.

  • It is easier to press the string underwater if you moisten it with a little detergent solution. The detergent will degrease the line and, most importantly, will eliminate the surface tension of the water. I always take a small spray bottle with me for pose fishing. It contains water with two or three drops of detergent. From time to time just put a few splashes on the reel.

  • We can’t always throw the desired place far over – for example, if we want to fish directly in front of the water lilies. Now we need heavy, sinking lines that break through the surface of the water even without a quick crank. I like to use fluorocarbon main lines to pose fishing. But in the meantime, there is also a braided line on the market, which sinks very quickly and is therefore great for pose fishing.
  • Distances on the water are always difficult to estimate. Changing light conditions and water movements do not make this any better. If the pose is where I want to fish after the sounding, I use it as a guide for feeding. Then I mark the line between the reel and the first-rod ring so that I can hit the feeding place exactly again later.
  • This little trick is also about painting. Many pose tips are monochrome. No problem if the bites are clear. However, you can see cautious handles much better if you add one or two visible strokes to the pose antenna. Black and white stand out particularly well from the red and yellow tips. Try it out, painting makes a big difference in practice!
  • Pose fishing is no fun if you don’t see the pose properly. Sunglasses or better still polarisation glasses provide a good view of the swimmer – even in backlighting, annoying reflections on the water surface and low sun. Indispensable, even in cloudy weather!


  • Despite glasses, it can sometimes be difficult to recognize the pose. A color change often helps here. In some lighting conditions, red is easier to see than yellow and vice versa. Under certain circumstances, even a black antenna may be the best choice. I, therefore, recommend poses for which different interchangeable tips are available. But, thanks to the carbine swivel, you can also exchange the complete pose.
  • Even peaceful journeymen such as roaches, bream, carp, and tench can often be tempted to bite with a moving bait. If your pose has been rooted in the water for far too long, it will slowly catch up to half a meter. The bait rises and then sinks again. This attracts the attention of the fish and on difficult days makes for one or the other bite more.

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