Crankbait Wobbler

Crankbait Wobbler 

These fish imitations go great when you go for pike and all the other big guys! The guidance is very easy and the casting is no less easy! You don’t do anything wrong with Crankbaits. When the pike is in the herb, Crankbait glides over the tips of the herb and lures pike to perfection.  Of course, Crankbaits are also very useful in open water!

What are Lipless Crankbaits?

Lipless Crankbaits are so-called rattle wobblers, which call so-called diving shovel their own. The rattle of the Lipless Crankbaits lures all the robbers out of the herb and makes for nice bites – at least that’s the plan. So the Lipless Crankbaits are standing in the water with their heads in the water. 

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