Drunk Bait - Fishing baits right on trend!

Drunk Bait – Fishing Baits right on trend!

Fishing is relaxing and belongs to popular hobbies. But success also depends on the right equipment. The Drunk Bait lures have developed into a real trend. 

Successful marketing, good quality and much more. In this article, we’ll give you some interesting information you need to know about the Drunk Baits as an enthusiastic angler. 

By the way: Don’t worry, the baits have nothing to do with alcohol. These are marketing reasons, where each bit has a different name and different colors.  

Fishing with the Drunk Baits: The Product Properties

When fishing with the Drunk Baits, the product characteristics are of course important. The Drunk Baits are anything but normal baits. Where the normal products look like a fish, the Drunk Bait looks like an easy to devour victim. 

But the impression is deceptive. The Drunk Baits are optimally designed and especially suitable for fishing perch and pike. 

Fishing with the Drunk Baits: What makes them special?

The Drunk Baits baits are characterized primarily by the thin connection. On the other hand, there is a rather large plate tail, which is seductive for predatory fish and therefore achieves a high bite rate. 

Also, the rather untypical optics and the running behavior are completely different and tempt the predators to snap faster and more often.

The advantages at a glance

Do you wonder what are the main advantages of the Drunk Baits? Take a look at our list below. This will let you know directly what advantages the Drunk Baits have to offer:

  • The connection is thinner.
  • The relatively thick and large plate tail ensures greater interaction.
  • Due to the “Drunk Effect”, the success rate is often higher. 
  • The head is referred to as the “big mouth” and thus the jig head embeds itself better. 
  • The hook can be chosen variably. The rate of missing bites is therefore lower. 
  • Another advantage of drop shot or vertical fishing is the micro-vibration of the pectoral fins.
  • Many of the lures are UV-active.
  • Meanwhile, there are the Drunk Baits for fishing in saltwater.
  • Tips and tricks for fishing with the Drunk Baits
  • When using Drunk Baits, there are some tips to help you get more fish on land. For example, practical tests show that the rubber fish are slightly off track in stronger currents and do not look natural. 

In lighter currents, the Drunk Baits score above all with the flippers. The micro-vibrations are also harmonious. In this way, one or the other predator can be lured and caught. 

In the end, the Drunk Baits convinces as bait with high quality and is definitely worth a recommendation.

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