Killing and gutting captured fish-min

Killing and gutting captured fish

If a fish has bitten, one winds the fishing line. This is the so-called drill. Then you get the fish out of the water (e.g. with a landing net), and after that, you have exactly two possibilities:


You grab the fish with wet hands, release it from the hook and put it gently back into the water. The fish can then live a long, happy and fulfilled life. To be able to remove the hook quickly and gently, a hook loosener is part of the basic equipment of every angler.

Or you take the fish and kill it. Then you take out the fish and can prepare it on the campfire. 

Reset or kill, both should be done immediately. Angel beginners often have a problem with both activities, especially killing. This is understandable in a way, but if you wait unnecessarily long with both things, it is cruelty to animals. Therefore you should be aware of before fishing that you have to do this. It is best if you have someone with you who has done both before. Then you get personal practical instruction. If you don’t have a fishing guide at hand that shows you how to kill a fish, you should at least prepare your head for it and then overcome it quickly when the time comes.

To be frightened when you suddenly have something on your fishing rod is a bit embarrassing. Screeching, laughing or being startled like in a chicken coop fluttering around a caught live fish is a sour cry.

A fish is killed in the following manner:

One stuns the fish with a blow on the head and/or in the neck.

Then you kill the fish with a heart attack or a gill attack. The heart stab starts slightly above the pectoral fins. The gill sting goes directly through the gills and you cut something with the knife.

Then you can get the fish and cut it into pieces or filet it, depending on how you want it to be prepared. With these following activities, one can take a little more time again, since the fish is then already dead.

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