Observed 5 tips, fishing for pike.

Observed :5 Tips- Fishing for Pike.

  • Look for waters such as lakes, ponds or rivers that have little current, because pikes don’t like strong currents at all.
  • Make sure that the water has moderate vegetation in the form of reeds, water lilies or herbs. Why? On the one hand, pikes are lurking hunters. They need these hiding places to be able to hunt successfully. On the other hand, such structures are easy for beginners to locate and fish. Because even if you throw your bait into the herb or reed, it is not lost immediately. It gets more difficult with sunken trees. Pike like to fish here too, but to fish these spots effectively and without unnecessary bait loss is difficult. And mostly it is also not necessary at all
  • The ideal bait guide for beginners can be achieved with ejection and slow cranking. Pikes stand on monotonously cranked lures because the lures can then be easily targeted and attacked. For you as a beginner this brings a huge advantage; the pike hook themselves! This kind of bait guidance usually makes a first attempt superfluous and offers the possibility that you can fully concentrate on the upcoming drill. Also, you avoid frustration for beginners. More complex lure techniques usually require some practice and experience.
  • Use large and voluminous lures, as even a 50 cm long pike won’t hesitate to attack a 15 cm lure. The new 15 cm favorite lures are perfect for this! Besides, large lures are attacked more “seriously”, as the energy expenditure for the pike is more worthwhile. So you can avoid missing bites as a beginner. Small lures are often only attacked with half power.
  • Make distance, because pikes are not choosy with their stands. If you’ve fished at a promising spot for half an hour and don’t get a bite, move on. It is very unlikely that a pike will suddenly bite there after all.

With these five basic rules, you are well prepared for most situations. Surely you will be able to outwit some beautiful pike. 

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