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Pike Perch Fishing

Pike Perch fishing can hardly be compared to carp or pike fishing. Pike perch are very careful and intelligent fish. Exactly this is the reason why every angler dreams of being able to outsmart a capital pikeperch. Fishing for pike-perch is the supreme discipline of all fishing techniques, so it is a challenge to fish for this predator.

Interesting facts about the pike-perch

The pike-perch is a nocturnal fish. The best times for pike-perch fishing are at dusk and dawn. But also at night, you can fish successfully for the pike-perch. The lake must be quiet for pikeperch fishing. If the pike perch hears an unknown sound, he is extremely careful and does not touch the bait anymore. Often a loud cough or sneezing is enough and the pikeperch will no longer bite.

The bait to fish for pike-perch

The pike-perch is a robber. For this reason, it is preferable to use fish scraps or small roaches, rudds or perches when fishing for this fish. The optimal length of these baitfish is between 8-10cm. Slender fish species should be preferred as bait. High backed baitfish like bream should be avoided if possible. Since fishing with live bait fish is prohibited in Germany and the pikeperch is also a scavenger, dead baitfish are used for pikeperch fishing. Baitfish are not the only bait for pikeperch fishing. Very successful are also fish halves, fish fillets or tails.

Assembly during pike-perch fishing on the ground

When fishing for pike-perch on the bottom, the bait is offered at the bottom of the water. You should make sure that the assembly is as simple as possible. Each part of the assembly can cause the pikeperch to drain before and after a bite.

In the best case, you only use a Ryder hook with a monofilament leader (0.20-0.27mm) and a swivel. With this simple assembly, the pikeperch feels as little resistance as possible when biting and can pull off at rest. If necessary, you can mount a running lead on the mainline to be able to do more casts. However one should pay attention to the fact that it runs very easily on the mainline. Even with the smallest jerk, the pikeperch can spit out the bait again.

Mounting the pike perch fishing with pose

When fishing pike-perch with a pose, you hang the bait about 0.5 to 1 meter above the bottom of the water. This is especially recommended when fishing for zander at night. Here you should not throw the assembly far out but position it close to the shore.

When choosing to mount with the pose you should make sure that the pose is quite small and those slim models are used which offer little resistance when the zander bites. Also here the pike perch can get suspicious if the bite of the pike perch causes too much resistance.

The bite indicator when fishing for pike-perch

Since you usually fish for pike-perch in the dark, some form of bite indication is necessary. Fishing with a pose is quite easy because in this case, you can mount a bent light on the pose. An electronic bite indicator should be avoided, if necessary it should be adjusted very quietly. Also, the freewheel of the reel is rather obstructive, because it causes a certain resistance when running the line. It is best to use a small piece of styrofoam, which you cut in and put on the mainline in front of the tip of the rod. You can also press a light into the piece of styrofoam. The styrofoam piece should be very small but not exceed 3*3cm.

The bite of the pike-perch

Often you have already spent several nights fishing for pike-perch and haven’t had a bite. Well, pike-perch fishing is not carp fishing 😉 But if the pose dives down or the piece of styrofoam runs out into the dark lake, one is often willing to set the stop immediately. But you should avoid this under all circumstances.

In case of a bite, you should keep calm and let the pikeperch pull off first. Sometimes 30-60 meters of a string is pulled first.

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