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The right equipment for anglers

Do you have a stressful day behind you and the feeling that you can’t get away from your computer anymore? Then you urgently need a break in nature. In that case, we can, of course, recommend fishing. Quiet hours are guaranteed. But what happens next? How does your first fish get to the rod? One thing we can tell you at first: That doesn’t happen with a stick, rope, and earthworm. You should invest some time and money in the right fishing equipment.


The offer for fishing shops is varied. But what do you need as a prospective angler? Again, the offer is endless, but the equipment can be varied. Nevertheless, some components should not be missing in any fishing equipment. Pay attention to quality instead of quantity. There’s hardly anything better than enjoying a purchase and a hobby for a long time.

The rod, 

One rod is enough for the entrance. In the beginning, you don’t need a complete assortment. We recommend a rod. It is often as expensive as a telescopic rod but offers more advantages. The rod should be between 2.50 and 3.50 m long. Generally, the rod should lie well in the hand, because it can stay there also sometimes well and gladly several hours. The rod should be processed flawlessly. It is better to invest a little more money here. The material of the handles doesn’t matter. In this respect, you can pay attention to your preferences. There are handles from cork or foam rubber in the offer. By the way, we recommend that you always buy your rod and reel “in one go”. Often these components work together dynamically.

The reel, 

As this is about your first fishing attempts, we recommend a medium stationary reel first. There are reels with several ball bearings. However, these do not offer high quality at the same time. A good roller does not need more than three ball bearings plus one roller bearing for the backstop. An important factor is brake. If possible, it should jump on without jerking. We recommend aluminum as the material for the main coil. Replacement coils can also be made of plastic.

The cord

In the beginning, monofilament lines are the best choice for you. Later you can switch to braided lines. However, they require a lot of experience and are often more expensive than monofilament lines. You can also vary the line thickness. Thicker lines are used for larger lake dwellers such as eels or carp. Thinner lines running on the spare spool are used for light bottom fishing and trout fishing. Especially at the beginning, your line consumption will be very high. Therefore you should not necessarily use the most expensive suppliers. By the way, pay attention to the carrying capacity of the lines. With their weight, they often lie.

Also, pay attention to the color of the fishing line. You don’t want to scare the fish. The better the color adapts to the environment, the more inconspicuous it is for the fish. When it comes to fishing on the bottom, we recommend lines in green and brown. However, if you want to fish directly in the water, the white and blue lines make more sense.

Specialist shops offer extensive advice on accessories. Anglers will also find what they are looking for online. But one more thing: don’t forget provisions and adhesive plasters. After all, the trip should remain in positive memory.

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