Wobbler @WTfish


A wobbler is an artificial bait used for predator fishing. The lure executes staggering movements when hauling in and is supposed to imitate a sick, weakened fish. Decisive for the success here is also the right leadership of the artificial lure. The bait is either normal cranked over the role or he is wetwitcht which means he is extremely “irritating” led by blows in the rod. A special form of wobblers are Popper dar. There are also special forms that are not designed for fishing for predatory fish, but for the fishing of squid.

Blade shapes

  • big wobbler with rubber tail
  • small, steep spoon = flat runner
  • large, flat-mounted spoon = Tiefläufer
  • wide, round spoon = sweeping aggressive motion
  • narrow, long spoon = more subtle movement


Our Wobbler

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